Oil on Canvas
July 2011
For Sale

A year ago today, I started sharing a small studio on Haymerle Road in Peckham with a fellow Actor/Artist, Jamie Zubairi. Jamie has a developed a fantastic process called SKYLARKING. It involves mixing the disciplines like an exotic cocktail – colourful and fun. So far, I haven’t been as adventurous as Zooby in cross-fertilising my skills, but it’s only a matter of time…

Recently, I’ve been blessed with success in my acting career, which I am delighted about but it means I don’t get to the studio as often as I would like. Sometimes, after a long stay away from the studio (for instance, when I’ve come back from a tour) it can take a long time to get my head and heart into the right space to paint again and into the present moment. Fortunately, there are activities that help. Preparing the space, finding the right piece of music, scraping the palette clean, drinking tea, collating the collected materials to inform a new work, mixing and developing a colour palette, priming a canvas, finishing edges. It probably sounds like a list of procrastinations. It is. But it is also like revving up at the start of a race. There comes a moment when you can’t put it off any longer and finally, it floods out.

So. Sometimes, when we do get the chance to be in the studio, it’s just about the pottering and preparation and sometimes we’re lucky enough to create. Because they are both important, we’ve fondly come to call all the activities that go on in that space, HAYMERLING.


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