The River at Bagnor

The River at Bagnor
Watercolour sketch ~ May 2012

So many colours on the hillside, each different in shadow and in sunlight; such brilliant reflections in the pool, each a key lower than what they repeat; such lovely lights gilding or silvering surface or outline…”

Sir Winston Churchill ~ Painting as a Pastime

There is nothing like painting in the field. Or by the river bank for that matter. I was on tour earlier this year with a wonderful show called, “Love on the Tracks”. It was a little tour that was based at the Watermill Theatre in Bagnor. It is a beautiful place to live and work. I was stationed in the Actor’s cottage there and every morning, I’d look out of my window and see the river, the willow trees and rafts of ducks.

Sadly, I am not naturally a morning person, but I defy anyone to be grumpy after they’ve drunk their morning coffee amidst a badling of ducks. (I love the obscurity of some collective nouns). Ducks never stop muttering under their breath – we tend to only notice the louder quacks. They seem quite bad tempered and argumentative much of the time – they’re certainly very expressive and they’re hilarious with it. One of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed was a duck with hiccups. Once you’ve seen how silly a grumpy duck looks losing it first thing in the morning, it’s a kind of mirror for the rest of the day that tells you to ‘wise up’ and ‘let it go’ because that’s how daft you’ll look too.

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