From the Pier at Annaghmakerrig

From the Pier at Annaghmakerrig
Oil on Canvas 2008
Owned by Clare Higgins

Annaghmakerrig inspired so many pieces from me. The experience of sitting by the lake at midnight was bewitchingly romantic and mystical. One starts to see in a different way. One would think that the darkness of the night would leave only shadows and form to play with and that all colour would evaporate. In contrast, it sparked a series of camaieu from me that are amongst the most intensely coloured paintings I’ve produced.

“Camaieu is a painting technique by which an image is executed either entirely in shades of a single colour or in several tints unnatural to the object, figure, or scene represented. When a picture is monochromatically rendered in gray, it is called grisaille; when in yellow, cirage. Originating in the ancient world, camaieu was used in miniature painting in to simulate cameos and in architectural decoration to simulate relief sculpture.”

Definition from

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