Oil on Board 2006


I love my career on the stage. Anyone who knows me will tell you, when I’m not in a show, I go stir crazy very quickly. The painting helps a bit.  Sometimes, the one passion bleeds into the other. Notably, most of the images I paint relating to theatre, are seen from the stage or the wings and rarely from out front. I’ve noticed in the paintings themselves, that those views from backstage are more connected, more exciting and more dramatic. Those seen from the front are static, detached somehow. When the scene is backstage, I’m painting directly from some of my most important experiences, moments that made a great impression on me, times when I feel most alive and excited, rather than painting from life. And it never ceases to amaze me, that people can see that ‘invisible’ thing in the picture; passion, and it’s that that they’re responding to.


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