The Trapeze Artist

The Trapeze Artist
Oil on Canvas 2008
Owned by James Farrell
Exhibited at the Mall Galleries 2008

There is an empathy in painting that is not dissimilar to being an actor engaging with a character or role. One becomes absorbed in the subject matter and develops a relationship with it. If one is lucky, there’s a kind of union between subject and artist. The commitment of the subject through the medium often manifests in the object both the subject and the creator. For example, a portrait at first glance might look like the sitter but there is also an element of the artist in it; in the wider context of their work it’s possible to glimpse the common element, the artist. In music or writing this is might be called ‘the voice’, in painting, photography, interior décor or curating it’s known as ‘the eye’. (Interesting that one is active and the other is, essentially, passive.) I like to think that some of the things I paint, I get a chance to commune with. That there is a bit of me in them. In which case, here’s a painting of me as a trapeze artist…

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