Oil on Board
Owned by Selwyn Jones

If you walk due west of the Windmill on Wimbledon Common, down the wooded incline, you’ll stumble upon a sizeable lake, Queensmere. It’s quite deep and weedy. As a child, I was always warned against swimming there with tales of expert swimmers, caught by their feet, entangled and dragged to their death. I always suspected that it was more than the weeds, that there were creatures under the water who wanted to draw you under. There is a suspenseful stillness about that place that has one imagining something might break the surface at any moment.

I believe that the lake was created to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, and that prior to that time it had been a popular location in the 1830’s for duels. But I always associate the lake with my father, not a duellist, but a keen runner. I remember running round the lake with him or going for walks there. That’s what made me want to record this place we shared and give it to him as a painting to remind him of our times there together. So I went and sat there with the paintbox and my memories and made my first field painting. In situ.

5 thoughts on “Queensmere

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  2. Hi
    Did your father use to teach maths at lansdown independent 6th form college? If so he thought me and my brother there. A fantastic mentor and great teacher.

  3. Oh wonderful! Thank you for replying. Both my brother Bijan and I would love to perhaps see your dad again after 26-27 years!
    Could you please pass on my number to him? It would be our pleasure to invite your dad for coffee one afternoon. He was instrumental in my student days and I would never forget his constant encouragements.
    Last we saw your dad was when he joined my family and I for dinner in a Japanese restaurant celebrating my a levels results in 1988!
    Here is my 07941851828

    Fereshteh Taleifaz ( Daryani)

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