Pencil Sketch 2002

The nude, Torsion, seemed to go down well, and I raised the whole subject of life drawing so perhaps I’ll try a few more. To be frank, life has been a bit rough recently, so to maintain a sense of humour, I’m going to make the theme for this week, “A Bunch of Arse”. This has to be dedicated to my dear friend, Fred. I have to confess, I do enjoy seeing a good arse and I share this appreciation and enthusiasm with my French Buddy, Freddy Boy, who has been known to cross the street in his dedication to the cause. A well-shaped derriere, male or female, is a great form to observe and I also find them quite funny.

Antony Sher (another actor/painter) once stated in his book, “Year of the King” (a brilliant journal of his preparation to play Richard III for the RSC) ~ Bottoms and Bosoms are funny, Genitalia are just vulgar. ~  or something to that effect. To be fair, this was in reference to them being visible on television. He was relating the experience of filming “Tartuffe”  in between developing his shakespearian role, and the wonderful but embarrassing anecdote of during a seduction scene (which is always nerve-wracking) having the director shout “CUT!”, because he lifted his cassock to reveal a very anachronistic tan line on his rear end. To rectify this, he had to suffer the humiliation of a make up girl applying fake tan cosmetics to disguise the discrepancy of skin shades on his posterior. Priceless.

So, here’s the first, in one of my favourite poses (I wish I could remember who’s lovely tush it was) and I’m calling it, predictably enough, “Peach”. Enjoy.

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