Oil on Canvas 2005
Available for Sale

I was once lucky enough to have had a symphony dedicated to me. I was absolutely taken aback and thrilled – how many people in their life time get to have that experience? When I knew it was to be performed by an orchestra in Dublin, I had to go and hear it live, even though it was quite a long journey, a flight across water, just to go to a concert which was, after all, to be recorded and broadcast on the radio. But no matter, I just had to be there for the first performance. The sense of anticipation was fantastic. I was like a child looking forward to a birthday. I felt sunny inside. Everything I looked at inspired me.  And “Symphotrees” was just the view from the train on the way to Stanstead. The Helix is a stunning concert hall, the performance was a great success and I loved the piece which I found very sad and moving. It was such an incredible experience and whenever I look at this painting, it reminds me of that time. Freude!

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