Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common
Oil on Canvas 2004
Owned by Mr & Mrs Jones

I grew up near Wimbledon Common and spent a lot of time there over the years. It has a lot of variety for a common of that size: there are reputedly a million trees there, three lakes (Queensmere, Kingsmere and Rushmere), Beverly Brook (a waterway, not a soap star), it also boasts the legendary Windmill where Baden-Powell wrote “Scouting for boys”, a Roman Fort (Caeser’s Camp) and of course the world’s most famous litter-pickers. There was extensive fire damage in the incredibly hot summer of 1976 and I can  remember walking across vast tracts of blackened, smoking stubble and stumps and adults with grave faces, shaking their heads at the tragedy. But the woods recovered quickly and there’s almost no evidence now to show it ever happened. I’m particularly fond of the silver birches there and have painted several versions of such views.

Detail from Wimbledon Common


Detail from Wimbledon Common


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