The Lake at Annaghmakerrig

The Lake at Annaghmakerrig
Oil on canvas 2008
Owned by Simon Whittle

So the theme for this week seems to have become trees and yet again, I return to that favourite haunt of mine, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig and the treasured days of creativity spent there. This painting, like all the others inspired by Annaghmakerrig, sold very quickly when I exhibited it. Because it proved popular, I had a card printed of this particular painting and now, whenever I see it, as well as recalling all those happy memories, it makes me think of a sound-wave form in a digital edit suite. I write the odd song and I sing a bit too and when I record these things I  use a program called Audacity to edit the top and tail of the tracks. The sound which has been input is represented visually as composite wave-forms. In fact, the sound shapes look very similar to this image.  It makes me wonder what this painting would sound like, if only one could cut and paste it into that sound software and play it back.

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