Sorrento Coast

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  Fellow travellers, I’m leaving you with a little memento of my travels to Italy from 2005, as  I’m going to be taking a little break from blogging daily in order to have a little more time to make some … Continue reading

Roxy Hart

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I am drawn, time and time again, to make paintings about my work and the sensation of being on stage or just in the wings waiting to go on (see Roxy, The Trapeze Artist and Curtain Call). There’s something about … Continue reading


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Contrapposto is one of my favourite poses to stand in or draw. The Greeks were very fond of this relaxed stance with a tilt in the pelvis and it instantly conjures up a “classical” feel to any drawing or sculpture … Continue reading


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In my first week of reading Drama at Exeter University, we did an exercise which involved writing an ‘Action Poem’. This transpired to be a short list of physical actions; stand, sit, jump, hop etc.  – and  this was your … Continue reading


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  I think some images appeal because the shapes they articulate physically may be something we would like to express (in that moment) but can’t. More simply, we want to do what we see. Or maybe that’s just me, because … Continue reading


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For Anna. One of the side effects of life drawing is that in our nakedness we see what we really are. Without clothes to hide us and ‘civilise’ us, we see, from the corner of our eye, with another part … Continue reading

Mulling Skye

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  Another cheeky sketch for posterior-philes everywhere! It seems appropriate to dub this one,  ‘Mulling Skye’, especially on a day that has seen me in Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Edinburgh….  


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The nude, Torsion, seemed to go down well, and I raised the whole subject of life drawing so perhaps I’ll try a few more. To be frank, life has been a bit rough recently, so to maintain a sense of … Continue reading


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Tom was one of the life models at the Hesketh Hubbard Society, which is the life drawing arm of the Mall Galleries. It’s a wonderful place to work. It is so quiet, (considering one is 3 minutes from Trafalgar Square) … Continue reading

The Trapeze Artist

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There is an empathy in painting that is not dissimilar to being an actor engaging with a character or role. One becomes absorbed in the subject matter and develops a relationship with it. If one is lucky, there’s a kind … Continue reading