Sunset Wallflowers

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This is my most recent piece, done in the studio yesterday. It was inspired by a trip to Cornwall I made over 20 years ago and my mother’s recent accounts of her trip there last week have planted seeds that … Continue reading

The Foxglove

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This is a study of a foxglove that I grew and painted in my back yard. It’s a pretty small yard, just big enough to drink a Guinness in on a summer’s evening. Like it’s owner it’s pretty wild and … Continue reading

The Windowsill

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Just an excuse to use the red in the palette in as pure a form as possible and imagining a place I’d be happy to be sat. I can almost smell the coffee and croissants.


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Like most other people I really call these “Geraniums” though I’m told that’s not correct. While the names are lovely, the flower itself is dazzling. I’ve always been drawn to these plants in window boxes, on sills. They make a … Continue reading