Conor on the Pier

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Happy Birthday, Conor! Here’s to more magical stories at the end of the pier back at Annaghmakerrig one day!

Sorrento Coast

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  Fellow travellers, I’m leaving you with a little memento of my travels to Italy from 2005, as  I’m going to be taking a little break from blogging daily in order to have a little more time to make some … Continue reading

Whitley Bay

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I love the seaside out of season. Deserted coastline and shingle to linger with all by myself.  In the damp and drizzle, hood up, scoffing chips from the paper and avoiding aerial mugging by threatening gulls. Or the first sunny … Continue reading

Roxy Hart

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I am drawn, time and time again, to make paintings about my work and the sensation of being on stage or just in the wings waiting to go on (see Roxy, The Trapeze Artist and Curtain Call). There’s something about … Continue reading

After hours

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What is it about Jazz and Jazz musicians that is so exceptionally cool and magnetic? There is rhythm, melody, lyric, narrative, development, co-operation and, of course, talent. Talent delivered with apparent detachment –  nonchalance and the package they deliver can, … Continue reading

Self Portrait

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Crave the indulgence. Today is my birthday so a bit of introspection is the order of the day! It’s also made me realise I’ve not done a self-portrait for a decade so maybe it’s time I tried another. I always … Continue reading

Sunset Wallflowers

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This is my most recent piece, done in the studio yesterday. It was inspired by a trip to Cornwall I made over 20 years ago and my mother’s recent accounts of her trip there last week have planted seeds that … Continue reading

Kennet Banks

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My last set of trees for this week were painted this month, inspired by an amazing day out I had in May this year. I was working at the Watermill in Bagnor on “Love on the Tracks” which was quite … Continue reading

The Lake at Annaghmakerrig

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So the theme for this week seems to have become trees and yet again, I return to that favourite haunt of mine, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig and the treasured days of creativity spent there. This painting, like all … Continue reading

Wimbledon Common

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I grew up near Wimbledon Common and spent a lot of time there over the years. It has a lot of variety for a common of that size: there are reputedly a million trees there, three lakes (Queensmere, Kingsmere and … Continue reading