Kennet Banks

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My last set of trees for this week were painted this month, inspired by an amazing day out I had in May this year. I was working at the Watermill in Bagnor on “Love on the Tracks” which was quite … Continue reading

Wimbledon Common

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I grew up near Wimbledon Common and spent a lot of time there over the years. It has a lot of variety for a common of that size: there are reputedly a million trees there, three lakes (Queensmere, Kingsmere and … Continue reading

Forest Reduced

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My mother has an incredible eye for things of value and quality, bought at bargain prices and her mode of artistic expression is the collection and arrangement of her found treasures.  When I was a child, my mother used to … Continue reading


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I was once lucky enough to have had a symphony dedicated to me. I was absolutely taken aback and thrilled – how many people in their life time get to have that experience? When I knew it was to be … Continue reading


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You know when spring is on it’s way when the spindly, skeletal trees start to have a green shimmer about their edges and you can almost sense the latent energy of the sap rising and the buds about to explode. … Continue reading


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If you walk due west of the Windmill on Wimbledon Common, down the wooded incline, you’ll stumble upon a sizeable lake, Queensmere. It’s quite deep and weedy. As a child, I was always warned against swimming there with tales of … Continue reading

The Foxglove

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This is a study of a foxglove that I grew and painted in my back yard. It’s a pretty small yard, just big enough to drink a Guinness in on a summer’s evening. Like it’s owner it’s pretty wild and … Continue reading

Horsetails and Contrails

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Above the clouds the sun is always shining. Horsetails of high flying Cirrus promise good weather when you see them. The absence of rain clouds lets you see the contrails of jets carving up the sky, just like they do … Continue reading

Weeping Willows

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I love it when inspiration comes from an unexpected place. I had been walking around the lake in Battersea Park and there are one or two lovely willows there. So they were in my consciousness, but I wasn’t intending to … Continue reading

The River at Bagnor

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“So many colours on the hillside, each different in shadow and in sunlight; such brilliant reflections in the pool, each a key lower than what they repeat; such lovely lights gilding or silvering surface or outline…” Sir Winston Churchill ~ … Continue reading